Physician Assistant Programs in Massachusetts

physician assistant programs in massachusetts

Knowing physician assistant programs in Massachusetts is an essential thing. You should not just apply to a certain school and submit application because you need to ensure that it will meet your needs and give the education you deserve.

Physician Assistants Programs in MA

  1. Bay Path University: The University requires students to submit a TOEFL test score. It is required for students whose English is not their native language. Keep in mind that GRE is not required and students should pay the supplemental application worth 45 dollars.
  2. Boston University: To become part of the university, students should submit TOEFL and GRE test scores. These are essential documents that should be submitted before the deadline. Also, it is important to pay the supplemental application worth 35 dollars.
  3. MCPHS University – Boston: The University is requiring students to submit TOEFL test score. GRE test score is not required and when it comes to the supplemental application, it is free. Applicants should ensure to meet the deadline of submission.
  4. MCPHS University – Manchester/Worcester: It is located in Foster Street and it does not require GRE. It is one of the schools that you can choose for physician assistant studies because they have a good reputation locally.
  5. MGH Institute of Health Professions: The school is one of the best options for physician assistant because of their highly qualified faculties. They also make sure that students will get the best education and experience they deserve.
  6. Northeastern University: The University receives numerous awards and they are requiring TOEFL for non-native English speakers, but the good thing is that GRE is not being required. For supplemental application, applicants should pay 75 dollars.
  7. Springfield College: For PA program requirements, GRE is not required but TOEFL is required. There is no supplemental application that should be submitted. They have the passion to give a great career for students to help their community.
  8. Tufts University School of Medicine: Just like other schools, they require MCAT or GRE test score as well as TOEFL test score. For supplemental application, students must need to pay 50 dollars. It is one of the physician assistant programs in MA that exceed the expectation of students.

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Check the best physician assistant programs Massachusetts to know the requirements needed to submit. You need to start applying now!

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