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best physician assistant masters programs

The percentage of PAs that are working in primary care decreased about 70% to 34% between 1974 and 2012. Physician assistants are important members of healthcare team and they are working interdependently with health care providers in all medical settings and specialties. Schools with PA programs now become economical and practical to help students.

Physician Assistant Masters Programs List

Refer to the list when looking for Masters in PA and learn a bit about each school offering it today:

  • Yale University: The mission of the program is to educate students to become excellent clinicians as well as foster leaders who will serve communities and to advance the profession of a physician assistant. The goal of the programs is to share the skills requisite for a life-long learning through encouraging the students to become self-directed. The physician assistant program gives a medical knowledge foundation that is required for the practice of PA that exposes students to the medical innovation.
  • Duke University: The program has the mission to educating caring and competent physician assistant who has the dedication to their culture, communities as well as has the devotion for positive transformation of health care system. The programs assured to give a supportive and creative environment for individual growth and learning within the curriculum that is by necessity highly intense and structured.
  • University of Southern Western California: If you want to become a highly trained health care provider, you can enroll in this university Master of Science program. This new program emphasizes a great and holistic approach that teaches students on how to use science and help students to give integrative and patient-centered healthcare. The program aims for excellence, leadership, learning effectiveness and integrity.
  • University of Florida: PAs are health professionals licensed that practice medicine with the supervision of a physician. The physician assistants diagnose and treat illness, conduct physical exams, counsel of the preventive healthcare, write prescriptions and interpret and order tests. With that in mind, the program is helping students to get all they need to become a successful healthcare provider.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison: The program is a nationally respected master’s degree program and they have the commitment to recruit students from urban, underserved and rural communities. The school trains the students for specialty practice or primary care. For prospective students, they are inviting them to learn about their curriculum, explore their curriculum and to meet their staff and faculty.
  • University of Washington: The school has many years of history in training, deploying and recruiting students with the emphasis on primary care. The goal of the program is to expand access to the high-quality health care by training midlevel clinicians in joining the workforce of primary care.
  • Wake Forest University: The mission of the physician assistant program is to produce compassionate and highly capable physician assistants who make significant contributions the healthcare community, who deliver patient-centered care and to who advance the PA profession. The educators at the program are using innovative instructional methods in fostering problem-based and self-inquiry collaboration as well as promote the development of leadership. Graduates can earn a Master’s degree by completing the 24-month program.
  • George Washington University: The physician assistant program is situated in Washington, DC and the program provides a superior academic foundation and clinical experience. The good thing is that the program has been nationally recognized in the US by the US News and World Report because of their unique community service and innovative curriculum that introduces students to social services and health in Washington metropolitan area. The program will help students to learn about behavioral sciences, basic sciences, clinical assessment, clinical skills and evidence-based medicine.
  • Stony Brook University: The mission of the program is to offer students a high-level medical education in learning environment fostering critical thinking and encourages leadership and professional to inculcate a strong ethical values appreciation. When it comes to the curriculum, it gives students with expertise in evidence-based practice principles as well as competence. The program emphasizes great patient care across a lifespan and they are offering students the chance to develop their skills, attitudes, and knowledge to become an outstanding health care provider.
  • Rutgers University: Some students are directly admitted that the professional program after they earn their baccalaureate degree and after they complete all the required pre-requisite courses. In the didactic phase of the program, students will study the basic sciences that give a foundation for clinical sciences. In the clinical phase, the program is offering extensive training, which includes ambulatory care, inpatient medicine, obstetrics, intensive care medicine and medical sub-specialty like geriatrics, HIV, gastroenterology, and cardiology. This is one of the best PA masters programs you can check out online.

choosing pa master's programs advice

A Piece of Advice from the Expert

According to Julia Mayo who said that in order to become part of the physician assistant program, one has to do his or her homework. The career is rewarding that is why you need to have the determination in completing all the things you need to do. Also, Benjamin Olmedo said that students should focus on basic sciences and get experiences to know if PA professional is what they really want.

Start to choose the PA schools in California, learn about their requirements and submit them on time.

Choose from these physician assistant masters programs today!

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