The Easiest PA Programs to Get into

list of the easiest physician assistant programs to get into

With the projected physician shortage by the year 2020, PAs will give critical role in meeting the needs of primary care of aging population in the US. PA is a fastest growing health care profession nowadays.

Easy PA Programs to Get Into

Check out this list containing 10 PA programs and their PA school requirements that you can get into easier than the rest now:

  • University of Iowa: This is one of the easiest PA programs to get into and the program established a tradition of excellence. Their tradition has been shaped and molded by determination and hard worked program’s students, staff, alumni, and faculty.
  • University of Cumberlands: The Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies is accredited and designed in teaching students the skills they need. The program can be completed in 27 months. When it comes to requirements, it includes 113 credit hours, wherein 68 of it are earned through the didactic coursework in the laboratory and traditional classroom setting. All coursework in didactic will take place on the campus of the school in Forcht Medical Wing of Correll Science Complex.
  • Sullivan University: The physician assistant program mission is to education professional to give high quality, compassionate and ethical healthcare as part of the inter-professional team. All students will prepare for professional roles as clinicians having the emphasis on care in underserved areas and primary care setting. Students will focus on preventive health care services and acute and chronic disease management in cost effective and efficient manner.
  • College of Health Sciences: Physician assistants are health care professional who practices medicine as a member of supervising physicians. They deliver a broad range of surgical and medical services in urban and rural settings. With that, the program will help the students to learn all the things they need and to get the license they need after graduation.
  • Our Lady of the Lake College: The program is guided by compassionate healthcare tradition that exemplified by Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady. The program, develop graduates who give patient centered and evidence based medical care in diverse settings that will be devoted and committed to serving all God’s people. The purpose of the program is to maintain and create an educational environment promoting critical thinking, skills and clinical knowledge needed to exercise good medical decision making.
  • Louisiana State University: The physician assistant program was established in the year 2012 and it is situated in New Orleans. The program focus is on primary care and it can be completed in 29 months. The 17 months of the program are about academic phase that will be conducted in New Orleans. The remaining months is about a clinical experience that will be conducted at different sites in Louisiana. The vision of the program is to become a leader in the education of competent and health care providers that give access to care for individuals from Louisiana.
  • University of New England: The Master of Science PA program is preparing students to meet the needs of urban and rural populations. They emphasize all aspects of health care, which include health promotion, disease prevention, public health practice, and geriatrics. The school attracts internationally recognized scholars in life sciences, health sciences, education, social sciences, and business.
  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore: Pas are health professionals that are licensed to practice medicine with the supervision of a physician. They have comprehensive responsibilities that should do. When it comes to the program, they have the commitment to give equal opportunity, promotes wellness and health through primary health care education. Their diverse environment values dissemination, development as well as practical application.
  • Baypath University: The physician assistant program in the university is accelerated and intensive degree program combining laboratory work and on-campus classroom having offsite clinical experience. Their students gain the skills and knowledge necessary for monitoring, diagnosing, evaluating, counseling and treating patients. The degree will prepare students to work in surgery, primary care, medical and emergency medicine.
  • University of Massachusetts: It was founded in the year 1823 and it is the oldest institution of higher education in the nation. When it comes to the program, they prepare caring, competent and ethical health scientists and professional in the healthcare industry.

easy pa programs to get into application advice

A Piece of Advice from Expert

According to Monica Morrison, it is essential to understand that being a physician assistant is a career path of its own. Students need to ensure that it is the path they want to choose and they need to have a clear idea on what PAs do prior to applying. In addition, Brendan Michael Riordan said that students have to find out all the details they need to know before applying.

Knowing physician assistant masters programs will help you to save your time because what you only need to do is to check out their site for submission guidelines, requirements and other essentials.

Choose from the easiest PA programs to get into today!

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