The Cheapest PA Programs You Can Only Find

list of the cheapest pa programs

The physician assistant career has been rated by the US News and World Report as one of the most desirable and fastest growing careers today. Job opportunities include care for patients, work in clinics and much more. Refer to the following list of the easiest PA programs to get into that you can apply and get into.

List of Cheapest PA Programs

Refer to this list containing 10 of the cheapest PA programs, which can help you become a competent and reliable physician assistant in the future without spending much:

  • Springfield University: The physician assistant program is unique with a blend of hands-on experience and academic rigor experience. It educates Pas eligible for employment in a broad range of specialties and medical settings. In 6 years, you earn a bachelor’s degree and complete the master’s degree for physician assistant.
  • Tufts University: The program has a strong emphasis on need in preparing students and clinical based training. The program is situated in Health Sciences Campus in Boston and students will study about cadavers as well as practice physical diagnosis.
  • Central Michigan University: The program aims to produce highly trained and well-educated physician assistants who give evidence-based medical services in primary care environments up to underserved populations in urban or rural communities. Some of the goals of the program include give students the needed medical knowledge, give the clinical skills that is needed to provide great medical care and much more.
  • Wayne State University: The program is situated in WSU medical campus and it is nationally recognized research school in Detroit. Since 1996, the program has grown into established urban-based training and education program with the focus on the development of deeply committed and highly competent physician assistants. The program is 24 months in length and it is full time. Through the years, they consistently maintained continued accreditation through Accreditation Review Commission of Education for PA.
  • University of Augsburg: The program educates physician assistants towards service up to underserved populations, both in urban and rural settings. Their program is full time, which includes clinical and academic education. Graduates of the program consistently pass the PANCE or physician assistant national certifying exam. Their dedicated staff and proven faculty strive to give students the best education as much as possible. Their goal is to help students obtain their license.
  • Bethel University: The program prepares students to become great Pas who serve with competence, confidence, and compassion by giving meaningful medical care. The program expands their leading nursing, biology and other programs in healthcare that give students the credentials in order to work skillfully. They help students to develop their skills.
  • Missouri State: With the program, you gain experience and skills to become a great physician assistant as well as to serve patients. The program is community focused that will sharpen your leadership and clinical abilities to address health issues with compassion and skill. When it comes to the curriculum, it incorporates self-directed study, scientific inquiry, problem-solving and critical analysis.
  • University of Mississippi: The program help students to acquire core competencies and specializes skills as well as the knowledge that is needed to perform effectively as Pas and to prepare them to give health care services in underserved areas and surrounding sites in Mississippi. The secondary mission of the program is to prepare students for hospitals and surgery roles.
  • University of Detroit Mercy: The university program is offering two admission pathways for interested applicants. For questions and inquiries, you can contact the program or whenever you are ready, you can start to apply online.
  • Rocky University: The 26-month study is what will help students to be trained and to become a knowledgeable and skilled medical practitioner. The rewarding program and eventually a career later on will let students work in the medicine world where they can become a part of an integral health team. The program will help students to make a positive difference in their community and to become a licensed professional to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician.

getting into cheapest pa programs advice

A Piece of Advice from the Expert

According to Jennifer Flaherty, having a real world experience is an asset to become a great physician assistant. To be accepted, confidence is your key, wherein experience and knowledge will help you gain it. Before you apply, make sure that you have the confidence. Also, she said that the more training and experience you have, the easier you will be accepted.

There you have Albany medical college PA program. Do not waste your time and start to check those schools to know their requirements and deadline of submission of application.

Select one of the cheapest PA programs and apply today!

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