Where to Find Schools with PA Programs

list of schools that offer physician assistant programs

Before talking about what schools with PA programs, let us learn about some interesting facts about the study. Physician assistants make up 10% of a primary workforce and they represent 9% of clinicians in community health centers. The physician assistant program has the commitment in training physician assistants who will be prepared in meeting all the challenges of giving high-quality care to patients in rural communities and underserved communities.

Schools with PA Programs

Learn about 10 accredited PA programs, which may be near your location and enroll in one of them if you want to be a physician assistant:

  • Northwestern University Feinberg: The school of medicine physician assistant is offering a master’s degree in medicine and it can be completed in one year. The program is offering 24-month curriculum, diverse and exceptional clinical experience. They are committed to educating future generations of PAs in order for them to become members of interdisciplinary and teams for high-quality patient care.
  • Rosalind Franklin University: The program is serving students at different points in their careers by giving integrated and personalized experiences. Whether you want part-time or full-time enrollment, the school is offering doctoral, certificate and masters programs that surely meet your professional goals. Some of their students have different interests in enhancing their skills.
  • Rush University: The physician assistants are healthcare providers that provide medical care with a physician supervision. The university physician assistant program is offering a 30-month curriculum that gives students great training experience. The first 12 months of the program include lectures, case-based training and small group discussion in preparing students for clinical rotations. The clinical training that students get will give them the chance to practice clinical and to chose what specialty area they want.
  • South Illinois University: The school of medicine physician assistant program of the university started in 1997 and they are utilizing problem-based learning format. The program is part of the university school of medicine and it has been a pioneer when it comes to usage of PBL, innovative evaluation techniques, clinical mentoring programs and simulated patients. The physician assistant program transitioned to master’s level degree beginning with summer of 2007 class.
  • Butler University: The school houses the oldest physician assistant program in Indiana. They are offering the 24-month curriculum that will prepare students to take the national certification exam, give the patient care in different surgical or medical practice settings and to apply for the state licensure. They have the partnership with major healthcare systems in the nation that makes sure to offer their students with magnificent clinical experiences.
  • Indiana State University: This is one of the schools that offer physician assistant programs and they are seeking for compassionate and caring individuals who want to serve their community as health care providers. The university program is designed with a culturally sensitive provision and evidence-based medicine of care. They intend to retain and attract a diverse student body. The physician program faculty and staff have a dedication to an educational success of their students. Intellectual growth and professional development are goals that every student can attain with the guidance of faculty and staff. Students and program staff have the responsibility to communicate regularly.
  • Indiana University: The program is a 27-month curriculum and it is intended for students with a commitment to give healthcare services in rural communities and urban communities. It includes 73.5 semester didactic coursework hours as well as 37.5 clinical rotations hours for a total of 111 semester hours.
  • University of Saint Francis: The physician assistant program is full time, intent and it is 27-month curriculum with a total of 98 credit hours. The physician assistant studies are being awarded upon the completion of a curriculum as well as a fulfillment of the University of Saint Francis Graduate School requirements. Every May, there will be 25 students that will be accepted into the program and seven of those seats are filled through. The 15 months of the program will be spent in the classroom, where students obtain a medical knowledge foundation in areas of clinical skills and basic biomedical science.
  • Sambrose University: The program lasts 29 months and it includes 14 months didactic, which include courses like gross anatomy, clinical skills, medicine, pharmacology and advanced physiology.
  • Des Moines University: The program of the school prepares students to work in as well as to lead a growing profession that is focused on helping individuals to have healthier lives.

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A Piece of Advice from the Expert

According to Dr. Rebecca Blustein, to be qualified in the program, you need to stay on top of the process. She said that applicants should not leave their applications until the last minute. Also, in submitting an application, Dr. Herman Gordon said that in writing the personal statement, applicants should consider their audience.

The time you know some of the best physician assistant programs in PA, you need to start checking their website to know more details. It will be your help to know if it is the school that you are looking for.

Apply in schools with PA programs today!

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