Physician Assistant Programs in North Carolina

physician assistant programs in north carolina

It is important to know about physician assistant programs in North Carolina if you want to study in the nation. The programs will help you to choose and to check on each of them for more information. Read this page for more information.

Physician Assistant Programs North Carolina

  1. Campbell University: This is one of the physician assistant programs North Carolina to choose from. They are requiring students to submit GRE as well as TOEFL scores. They are participating in CASPA and they have supplemental application cost 50 dollars.
  2. Duke University Medical Center: Duke University has supplemental application required for students wherein they need to pay 50 dollars. They are also requiring submitting GRE. Students must need to submit all required documents on the deadline.
  3. East Carolina University: There is not supplemental application of the program but they are requiring students to submit GRE. The school will enhance the ability and skill of students to ensure that they will know what they must do.
  4. Elon University: The school is CASPA participating program and they are requiring students to submit GRE because it is one of the needed requirements. Students will need to pay for supplemental application because it is not required.
  5. Gardner Webb University: TOEFL and GRE are to be submitted on the university. The school will help the students to get what they want and they ensure that students will get a high quality of education they are looking for.
  6. High Point University: The PA program of the university is developing and it is not yet accredited. It is a CASPA participating program and students must need to submit GRE as one of the requirements.
  7. Lenoir-Rhyne University: The university physician assistant is also a developing program and they are requiring students to submit GRE. There is no supplemental application so students do not need to spend cash.
  8. Methodist University: The applicants of the university must need to submit TOEFL and GRE. The TOEFL is required for applicants whose English is not their native language. There is also no supplemental application.

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It is essential to know PA programs in NC because you finally apply. You need to know what school or university will help and guide you.

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