Physician Assistant Programs in Minnesota

physician assistant programs in minnesota

Physician assistant programs in Minnesota guide students to their development. If you want to study in Minnesota and looking for PA programs you can apply for, here are the best list. Check out the list to have a good application.

Physician Assistant Programs in Minnesota

  1. Augsburg College: Students must need to submit TOEFL test score. The GRE is not required, but supplemental application is required worth 50 dollars. The university is participating in CASPA program.
  2. Bethel University: Bethel University aims to develop the skills of students and to work with their professional faculty to make sure that everything they need to learn will be delivered to them. On the other hand, students should meet the requirements before getting into the school.
  3. Saint Catherine University: The University is requiring students to submit GRE as well as TOEFL for applicants whose English is not their primary language. Supplemental application is also required.
  4. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities: The school was designed in the year 1851 and it is one of the largest institutions offering PA program. According to US News and World Report, the university is on the top list for best schools offering physician assistant program.
  5. St Cloud State University: The University is offering over 60 graduate programs, which include physician assistant. They are also offering sixth year and specialist programs to students. They also have certificate and licensure programs.
  6. University of St Thomas: If you want to expand your knowledge, you can choose the university. The offer of the program will prepare students to become a leader in their chosen field. They will make sure that students will think critically and to work with them efficiently.
  7. Saint Mary’s University: The school is offering different innovative programs in meeting the needs of students. They have a program that their reach students’ career and employment goals. They are offering rigorous and relevant curriculum.

Choose the best physician assistant programs in Missouri!

Start to choose what physician assistant programs Minnesota you want to apply for. If have a choice, you need to check their website to know the full information you need. Check out the school you want and apply to their physician assistant program now!

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