Physician Assistant Programs in Missouri

physician assistant programs in missouri

Missouri is one the best nations that offering physician assistant. The physician assistant programs in Missouri received a good reputation online whether it is locally or nationally. They are recognized in delivering quality education.

Physician Assistant Programs in Missouri

  1. Missouri State University: Missouri State University is one of the physician assistant programs Missouri to choose from. They are requiring MCAT or GRE to students. No need to worry because there is no supplemental application.
  2. Saint Louis University: The University is participating in CASPA program and they are requiring students to submit TOEFL, especially for students whose English is not their native language. For supplemental application, it cost 45 dollars.
  3. University of Missouri – Kansas City: University of Missouri is one of the best schools to choose when it comes to physician assistant program. They are helping students to meet their needs, but they should submit GRE because it is required. They also need to settle the fee for supplemental application worth 50 dollars.
  4. Southeast Missouri: The good thing with the school is that it participates with CASPA program. Students must need to know about the CASPA program and to know about the application so that they will know what to submit.
  5. University of Central Missouri: The program for physician assistant is offering convenience and high academic quality. They are offering leadership training that will guide their students on what they should do whenever they need to apply what they have learned.
  6. Northwest Missouri State University: The program for physician assistant of the university is providing opportunities for part time and full time students. To qualify, students should show that they qualify to the PA program.
  7. Missouri Baptist University: The aim of the program is to change what students believe. They want that students will change the world for the better of it. Their PA program will develop mentors and lifelong friends.
  8. Lincoln University: The University was founded in the year 1854 and they have the commitment to maintain a stimulating and nurturing environment for teaching, research, learning, public service and creative expression.

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There you go the universities offering physician assistant that will help you to have a quality education.

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