Physician Assistant Programs in Michigan

physician assistant programs in michigan

Michigan is one of the nations that offer physician assistant program. If you opt for physician assistant programs in Michigan, you need to know which schools are offering the program. Here is the list available for you.

PA Programs in Michigan

  1. Central Michigan University: The office is located in Mount Michigan and they are only accepting GRE as one of the requirements. They do not accept MCAT and it is important that students will settle the supplemental application fee cost 50 dollars.
  2. Eastern Michigan University: Eastern Michigan University is helping students to meet their needs, but it is also important that students will submit GRE. They also need to pay the supplemental application cost 35 dollars. To be eligible, students should meet the necessary requirements.
  3. Grand Valley State University: This University is awesome because they guide students to become a successful physician assistant. They will ensure to provide the experience, training and classroom instructions they need.
  4. University of Detroit/Mercy: The University requires TOEFL for non-English speakers. On the other hand, they are requiring GRE score that is why you need to take the exam as early as possible to submit the result to the school.
  5. Wayne State University: Wayne State University requires GRE and they do not require TOEFL for students if they had taken their four years of high school in the United States. Student should also know about the supplemental application.
  6. Western Michigan University: It is located in Michigan Avenue and they do not require GRE. TOEFL is an essential requirement that should be submitted by non-native English speakers. You will not have much time because they do not have supplemental application.
  7. Kettering University: They are offering unique as well as relevant PA program to students. They will be focus on what they should learn such as practices and experiences.

These physician assistant programs in Virginia might attract your attention!

There you go the physician assistants programs Michigan. You need to check each of their website to know if you qualified or not. It is important that you submit your application ahead of time to increase your chance of getting an interview.

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