Physician Assistant Programs in Arkansas

physician assistant programs in arkansas

Knowing physician assistant programs in Arkansas will help you in saving your time to research. What you only need to do is to visit the website of the school you want to enter and then start to apply by submitting needed requirements.

PA Programs in Arkansas

  1. Harding University: This is one of the PA programs in Arkansas to choose from and they are offering the best education to students. The school has 235 graduates since 2005. There are many specialty areas that students can choose from which include Oncology, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and others.
  2. University of Arkansas: The mission of the physician assistant program is to educate students at the same time embracing ethical integrity, cultural diversity, collaboration as well as professionalism. The program fosters lifelong learning with emphasis on clinical application and critical thinking.
  3. South University: The physician assistant program of the university was designed to help students to achieve their ambitions. They will be provided with professional environment, supportive faculty and relevant coursework.
  4. University of Evansville: The physician assistant program of the school enriches strong health professions. The university is giving unique opportunities to have professional experiences. Students will be expose to research opportunities, collaborative learning and others
  5. Towson University: The successful applicants are those who can complete the requirements on the said deadline. It is required that students should submit their application in CASPA as early as possible. Students must need to have strong GPA.
  6. Henderson University: Henderson University is one of the schools you can choose from. If you want to get the skills and knowledge you need in PA, it is important to visit the site of the school to know the requirements.
  7. Wingate University: The school is participating in CASPA and if you want to live in the best schools, you can choose the school. The school does not require supplemental application and the only document that should be submitted is GRE.
  8. College of Ozarks: The school will train students and students are encouraged to check on the requirements so that they can able to become part of the university.

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