Mercy College Physician Assistant Program

mercy college physician assistant program

mercy college physician assistant programThe Mercy College physician assistant program is a full time studies that was designed in preparing students to have a growing, rewarding and exciting career. The time they will graduate, they will possess the knowledge they need.

Mercy College PA Program Requirements

mercy college pa programMercy College has a holistic approach when it comes to admitting students because they don’t believe in test scores that it is the representation of applicant’s potential or ability. This means that the program does not require students to submit ACT or SAT score wherein it is optional. Student admission will be based on their academic record and transcript. Other factors to be considered are applicant’s leadership skills, ability to contribute to the community of the campus and extracurricular activities.

Getting into the Mercy College Physician Assistant Program

Since the PA program of the university is different from others, you need to exert effort to know what you need to do to become part of them.

  • Community service: One of the things in showing that you deeply care on the field you choose is to render community service. This will show your passion to become a physician assistant. It will increase your chance to get an interview.
  • Retaking courses: A low grade in relevant courses for PA will ruin your application that is why you need to make sure that you retake courses, especially on physiology and anatomy.
  • Elective courses: Be sure that you take elective courses relevant to physician assistant program. Taking extra sciences studies such as genetics, embryology and medical anthropology will increase your chance to be accepted to PA programs.
  • Entrance examinations: You need to take your GRE and to ensure that you have a high score because it is one of the determining factor whether you will qualify or not. If you want to improve your GRE score, then retake the exam.
  • Explore the profession: Exploring physician assistant program is one of the best ways to write a good essay that will convince the committee that you are one of the students they are looking for.

It is important to do know your best to get into Mercy PA program. You should make sure that you have a competitive application over others.

As an option you can also explore other physician assistant programs in NY and learn how to get prepared.

We wish you luck with your Mercy College physician assistant program enrollment!

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