Top 100 PA Programs

Before you could apply for a physician assistance program, there are certain factors to consider. One of those is to look for the right physician assistant programs that you may want to consider. The search is over, as we reveal the best of them to apply today.

List of Top Physician Assistant Programs

  1. Duke University: This is one of the best PA programs you can apply at because it is offering high quality of education to physician assistants.

  2. University of Iowa: This is one of the top physician assistant programs with a high rank as well as they have a competitive faculty.

  3. Emory University: The school is consistent in offering quality training and education.

  4. George Washington University: If you want to become a physician assistant, you need to qualify and complete all the requirements of the program.

  5. Oregon Health and Sciences University: You can become professional with the school, but be sure to complete the requirements.

  6. Quinnipiac University: To increase your skills and knowledge, you can enroll at the school.

  7. University of Colorado: They have expert and qualified professors in PA.

  8. University of Utah: You can get into the top PA school by applying as well as being accepted.

  9. University of Nebraska Medical Center: Since 1973, the school has been a top notch in offering PA education to students.

  10. Wake Forest University: To know more information, you can visit the site of the school and it is one of the best schools.

  11. Mary Baldwin College: The physician assistant program is not yet accredited, but it is a good school to consider.

  12. South University: This is one of the top-notch physician assistant programs in the nation with competitive and competitive faculty. It also has a professional training environment.

  13. Central Michigan University: The school is great with complete training program together with top mentors and the good thing is that it has an updated curriculum.

  14. Eastern Michigan University: The program in PA is requiring applicants to settle the fees and to submit their score in GRE.

  15. Grand Valley State University: This is a good school that you can choose from when it comes to good training and experience.

  16. Lynchburg College: This is one of the accredited PA programs around the world.

  17. University of Washington: In other categories, the program also excels and they are giving adequate skills and training.

  18. Mercy University: For best PA schools, you can consider the school because it is consistent in giving the best education.

  19.  Northeastern University: To be a competitive PA, you can enroll at the institution.

  20. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center — Dallas: This is a good school for PA and it is always in the top lists for best PA programs.

  21. Rutgers University: To qualify, you need to submit an online application.

  22. Shenandoah University: This school has a complete curriculum as well as experienced mentors.

  23. Stanford University: If you want the best training from experienced mentors, choose the school.

  24. University of Southern California (Keck): This is a reputable school for PA and already helped many students.

  25. Yale University: The school has a complete curriculum and they have qualified faculty members.

  26. Eastern Virginia Medical School: For more details, you can check out the site of the school.

  27. Duquesne University: The school excels in PA program and you get what you want with them.

  28. Northwestern University: To become competitive, you can enroll at the school, but be sure to meet all requirements.

  29. Seton Hall University: The school is offering fellowship for students.

  30. St. Louis University: The program helps students to increase their skills and to experience the best industry practices.

  31. University of Florida: To know the complete list of documents to submit, check out the website of the school.

  32. University of Kentucky: This is one of the top schools for PA with updated and complete curriculum.

  33. Albany Medical College: For complete clinical rotations, choose the school and it is also accredited by ARC PA.

  34. Methodist University: The school is requiring applicants to submit their TOEFL and GRE and TOEFL scores for non-native English speaker.

  35. Texas Tech University Health Science Center: The focus of the PA program is primary care as well as family medicine.

  36. Towson University CCBC: For best training, you can choose the school.

  37. University of Maryland Eastern Shore: In applying, you need to submit your scores in TOEFL, SAT, and GRE.

  38. Loyola University: In order to be considered as applicants, you need to submit letters of recommendation, main requirements, and personal essay.

  39. Weil Cornell Medical School: The University has excellent education as well as offering great training.

  40. University of Alabama-Birmingham: The school is internationally recognized with updated and complete curriculum in physician assistant training and education.

  41. Georgia Regents University: You get the best clinical training experience with the school in increasing your skills and knowledge.

  42. Hofstra University: You can apply and enroll in the university to get a high quality of education.

  43. Pace University-New York: This is a recognized PA program and they have competitive faculty.

  44. James Madison University: The University has diverse student population as well as competitive faculty that help you to become a good PA.

  45. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis: You get complete training and guidance with the school.

  46. Massachusetts University: You get adequate training with the school. Visit the website for more information.

  47. Salus University : The school will help you to become successful and to pass the PA exam.

  48. Barry University : This one of the top ranked physician assistant programs in Miami. A student can complete the training in 3 years.

  49. Nova Southwestern University: The PA program is available in many locations, which include Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

  50. Drexel University: The school is your help in gaining knowledge in lesson and lab classes.

  51. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center-Dallas: Visit the site of the school to know more information and to know the complete requirements.

  52. Stony Brook University-SUNY: This is one of the best-chosen schools in the nation and students will increase their skills.

  53. Campbell University: To be a certified, you can enroll at the university in order to get complete training.

  54. Marquette University: To become part of the school, you must complete the requirements and your semester hours.

  55. Foothill College: For more information, you can visit the site of the school. With them, they will help you to grow.

  56. Mercy College: With the school, you get complete understanding about PA.

  57. Marywood University: Students will be trained which include laboratory classes, medical interviews, and care experience.

  58. Tufts University: To know the timeline submission, you need to visit the school and complete the application process.

  59. University of Manitoba: To become a nurtured leader, you can enroll at the university.

  60. McMaster University: You get enough training on diagnosis, surgical and healthcare with the program of the school.

  61. University of Toronto: It is one of the best PA schools in the nation and they have inspiring PAs.

  62. Canadian Health Services Training Program: For more information, you can visit their website. You must need to meet the submission deadlines and application requirements.

  63. NOSM at Lakehead University: You get adequate training and supervision with the program. It helps you to gain enough skills and knowledge.

  64. Bay Path University: It is essential to submit all the requirements before you apply to the university.

  65. Boston University: The University is requiring students to submit their TOEFL and GRE test scores.

  66. MCPHS University – Boston: This is one of the best physician assistant programs in the world. Applicants are required to submit their TOEFL score. There is no supplemental application.

  67. MCPHS University – Manchester: It has a good reputation in the PA field that is why you need to check it out.

  68. MGH Institute of Health Professions: This is an excellent choice for PA program and you get high quality of education.

  69. Springfield College: GRE is not a mandatory requirement to apply, but you need to submit your TOEFL score.

  70. Rush University: The University requires both MCAT and GRE test scores to be submitted.

  71. University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston: With the PA program, you can enhance and broaden your knowledge and skills because the school will help you.

  72. University of California Davis: To qualify, you need a GPA of 3.0, three letters of recommendation and personal essay.

  73. University of Pittsburgh-Main Campus: The program will improve your knowledge and skills. They also train you to become the best PA’s.

  74. Southern Illinois University: Students must need to submit MCAT, GRE, and their TOEFL scores.

  75. City Colleges of Chicago – Malcolm X College: The school is offering an excellent physician assistant program to students.

  76. Lewis University: To be accepted, you need to complete the application documents in time and you will be eligible for the selection process.

  77. Kettering University: You can check out the website of the school to know the complete requirements and submission deadline.

  78. Mercer University: The school is offering professional physician assistant program for students who want to meet their goals.

  79. University of Georgia: The school is situated in Terrell Hall and it provides complete training as well as clinical education.

  80. Valdosta State University: The program is perfect for aspiring students and who want t challenge themselves.

  81. University of North Georgia: The PA program has evening and afternoon lectures, which is good for working students.

  82. East Carolina University: If you want to have the best training and knowledge, you can enroll at the university.

  83. Anne Arundel Community College: This is one of the top physician assistant programs that you can consider. To qualify, complete all the requirements.

  84. Notre Dame University: The school does not only offer physician assistant certification, but also a doctorate and master’s degree.

  85. Morgan State University: You can choose the school and get complete training that you deserve.

  86. Arizona School of Health Sciences: You must submit the GRE test score and pay the supplemental fee.

  87. Red Rocks Community College: To be prepared for the PANCE exams, you can choose the school.

  88. Jefferson College of Health Sciences: It is important to submit your TOEFL score for non-native English speaker.

  89. University of Detroit: You need to submit TOEFL test score as well as your GRE test score in order to qualify.

  90. Wayne State University: The school is one of the topnotch choices when it comes to physician assistance education.

  91. Western Michigan University: They have top-notch training and competitive training.

  92. University of Alabama — Birmingham: If you want to be a qualified PA, enroll at the university.

  93. Midwestern University: Visit the official website of the school for more information.

  94. High Point University: This is a good choice for PA program because of their excellent faculty.

  95. Lenoir-Rhyne University: The University do not have supplemental application fee.

  96. Elon University: It is one of the top PA schools with good training.

  97. Gardner Webb University: It is important to submit your TOEFL and GRE scores to apply in this school.

  98. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science: The University is educating Pas to become competitive.

  99. Augsburg University: The school is very proud because they consistently ranked as one of the best PA programs around the world.

  100. Butler University: The University is one of the top-notch PA programs you can apply for. They are offering a high quality of education.

Refer to this list before applying to a top-notch PA program of your choosing. Finally, see to it that you visit their website and their requirements as well as submit necessary documents on time.

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