George Washington University PA Program

george washington university pa program

george washington university pa programApplying for the George Washington University PA program requires the accomplishments of specific requirements and prerequisite courses. Like other member schools with PA programs, the University of Washington PA program requires applicants to course their applications through the CASPA and likewise submit an online GW supplemental application directed to the Health Science Office of Admissions.

university of washington pa programPotential George Washington PA program applicants must apply only to one program, either the two-year MSHA or the three-year MHSH/MPH. The admission offer will only be valid for the time which the application has been submitted for. Applicants should refrain from switching from the two-year course to the three-year course and vice versa.

Tips for George Washington University PA Program

  1. Avoid clichés – refrain from using abstract words that may confuse your reader. Use simple words that are easy to understand so that your essay is logical.
  2. Be specific – before you write a personal statement for the George Washington University PA program list topics that you would like to write on. Your particular interests that are related to the field will be the best choice because are more conversant with it. Further, you can easily relate to the University of Washington PA Program.
  3. Ineffective conclusion –Your concluding paragraph must be assertive and a clincher that should not leave your reader in doubt that you are a good fit for the program.
  4. No particular topic – your personal statement must have a single topic which is about you. So it must be about your interests or experience in life that will make your reader aware of a personal positive transition within your character of perception.
  5. Dull introduction – begin your personal statement with a mini story or an anecdote, which will grab the curiosity of your reader. A good introduction will make a good impression that normally convinces them to read until the last.

Application Requirements for George Washington PA program

  • bachelor’s degree
  • GPA 3.0
  • completed coursework from: Anatomy & Physiology; Chemistry; Psychology; Statistics
  • GRE score
  • 1,000 hours of direct patient care experience
  • statement of purpose on your GW Supplemental Application of 250-500 words
  • 2 letters of recommendation are required
  • English Language Test: TOEFL; PTE or IELTS

You may check full list of George Washington University PA Program requirements here.

george washington pa programYour personal statement for the George Washington PA program must also incorporate career plans and academic goals relevant to your skills since these augments the accomplishments that were already written on the application form. By the way, Midwestern University PA program is also a good opportunity for a student.

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