Columbia University Physician Assistant Program

columbia university physician assistant program

columbia university physician assistant programColumbia University is offering the Columbia University Physician Assistant Program for students and it is one of the most reputable around the world. If you want to become part of the school, here are requirements and additional tips that can help you with your application.

Columbia University Medical School Requirements

  • At least full academic years college in Canada
  • 1 year of English
  • 1 year of Biology with laboratory
  • 1 year of physics with laboratory
  • 2 years of chemistry, 1 with organic chemistry and both with laboratory
  • Completion of the course is a requirement that is why students must need to ensure that they complete it. It is strongly recommended for students to exert effort in completing all-important documents.

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How to Get Into the Columbia University Physician Assistant Program

Aside from Columbia University medical school requirements, students must know how to get into the school to have a successful application.

  • Start to research: Physician assistant schools have different admission requirements that are why it is important to ensure that you meet all the requirements by searching through the website of the school. Create a list of programs you want to enter.
  • Pay attention to GPA: Grades is not the only requirement, but it is an essential requirement for your application. It is better when you have a high GPA to increase your chance of being accepted.
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree: Not all PA programs are requiring students to have a 4-year degree and you can increase your chance of being accepted if you have bachelor’s degree. Make sure you complete also required courses.
  • Get experience: Having experience is important that is why you need to get medical experience. You can volunteer as a nurse aide or medical assistant. You need to complete specific hours for patient care to have an advantage to other applicants.
  • Apply early: The process for application is time consuming that is why you need to apply as early as possible. You should send your letters of recommendation and transcript of record.

columbia university medical school requirementsStart to submit your application as early as possible and do your best to meet all the requirements required by the university. Start to enroll today!

There are lots of other PA programs in NY you might be also interested in, so don’t hesitate to have a look.

Get prepared for Columbia University physician assistant program now!

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