PA Programs

What are PA programs?

If you want to become a fully certified and licensed Physician Assistant you are going to have to first complete one of the many PA programs that are available. There are well over 200 programs available across the US that you can apply to but not all are fully accredited so you do have to ensure that you apply for an accredited pa program. Applying to PA degree programs is going to be tough as there are many more applicants than there are places so it is very advisable to start thinking about where and how you will apply as early as your freshman year. These places are also available to foreign students as well as US citizens although they will typically face tougher entry requirements. Typical pa programs will last 3 years during which you will receive classroom instruction in a variety of different medical areas and will also complete at least 2000 hours of clinical rotations in many different areas. This site will help you to ensure that you make your application successfully by providing you with all of the different advice and tips that you need for your successful application.

What do you need to get onto accredited PA programs?

PA programs are typically considered as Masters degrees and your experience and qualifications will need to be high enough to secure entry. Each program has very different requirements and you should look at each program individually to ensure that you match their entry requirements prior to making your application. Typical requirements for PA residency programs are as follows;

  • A bachelors degree in a relevant field, although some courses will accept 2 years of studies.
  • Health care experience, typically they are looking for 2-3 years of experience prior to admission.
  • GMAT or GRE test results (Check each individual college for actual requirements.)
  • TOEFL for foreign language speakers

Application requirements for PA programs

PA program requirements for application vary from school to school but the following are some of the typical requirements that you will be expected to provide;

  • GPA and transcripts; check the individual program for their minimum GPA requirements
  • Personal statement for PA programs application
  • GMAT or GRE test results
  • Resume
  • Letters of recommendation (Typically 2-3 letters are required)

Many programs will accept applications through CASPA however some do require individual direct applications so you do need to check carefully prior to making your applications. This website will provide you with all of the information and tips that you need to ensure that your PA programs applications are done in a manner that will get you noticed and help you to get accepted.

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