Physician Assistant Programs in Maryland

physician assistant programs in maryland

Physician assistant programs in Maryland will help you in getting the quality education that you want. If you want to be a professional physician assistant and you choose to study in Maryland, here are schools to choose from.

Physician Assistant Programs in MD

  1. University of Maryland: The PA program will prepare students to have a successful entrance examination. They are offering great curriculum for students and students must need to complete the important prerequisite courses.
  2. Anne Arundel Community College: The school is one of the physician assistant programs in MD that you can choose from. They are offering a high quality education for students to get a successful career when they graduate.
  3. Towson University CCBC: The school is offering physician assistant and it is located in Rossville Boulevard. They have credentials awarded the GRE is not required, but TOEFL is required for non-native English speakers. There are no supplemental application requirements.
  4. University of Maryland Eastern Shore: The school is requiring TOEFL for non-native English speakers and SAT or GRE. There is no supplemental application that is required. The university is helping students to get a quality educational assistance they deserve.
  5. Loyola University: If you wish to apply at the university, you need to meet the requirements, which include personal essay, letters of recommendation and primary application. Most students have 4 years’ experience in health care field or paramedic field.
  6. Weil Cornell Medical School: The school is committed in offering excellence in teaching, research, advancement of art and science and patient care through clinical scholarship and scientific scholarship. Their mission is to give lifelong educational chances to students.
  7. Notre Dame University: The school is helping working and adult learners’ professional to experience new challenges and opportunities. They have open doors to advancement in new position as well as new careers. At the university, they have convenient schedules and flexible programs that will be perfect for students. They also offer targeted certifications in doctorate and master’s degree.
  8. Morgan State University: The school will meet your needs and it is a good school to pursue your education. They receive many awards in helping students to have a successful career in the physician assistant field or area.

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Begin to choose what PA programs in Maryland you want. Be sure to meet all the requirements to qualify.

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