Physician Assistant Programs in Atlanta

physician assistant programs in atlanta

In Atlanta, the country is offering numerous options for students on how can they pursue their physician assistant studies. If you are looking for physician assistant programs in Atlanta, read this page for more information.

Physician Assistant Programs Atlanta

  1. Emory University: The University is renowned and it is a leading health care university in the nation. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia and they have the goals to provide preventative medicine, primary care, medical care and much more.
  2. Mercer University: The school is also located in Atlanta and they ensure a successful completion of students. In the program, they are requiring students 129 semester hours of study, which include clinical and didactic components. PA residency programs are committed to quality improvement of continuous basis.
  3. South University: They are offering Master of Science in PA studies, but it is essential that students should complete clinical and didactic program components. It is a private and accredited by ARC-PA, and the good thing is that they have the pride in offering a quality education.
  4. Georgia Health Sciences University: The University is offering master of science physician assistant program. The time that student complete didactic component, the next phase to complete it clinical phase. Students must need to meet the requisites of the coursework.
  5. Augusta University: Students who become part of the physician assistant program will perform numerous clinical functions, which allow them to know about their duties and responsibilities. In the school, physician assistant will have their patient load. They will know how to perform physical examinations, interpret laboratory tests, medical histories and treat illness.
  6. Georgia Southern University: PA is a profession who works with a team of professional and if you want to pursue an education with it, the program will help you to diagnose and treat illness, interpret lab test, assist in surgery and perform physical examinations.
  7. Brenau University: For students who want to become of the university, they will be guided on what they should know. There are numerous courses that will be provided to students.
  8. Atlanta Technical College: Students will be trained in administrative and clinical duties. They will help students to know what they must do and to help them to excel.

We’ve prepared a list of the finest physician assistant programs in Kentucky!

Check the best physician assistant programs Atlanta on this page and know what school will help you. Start to choose the physician assistant program you want and submit all the requirements today!

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