Physician Assistant Programs in Alabama

physician assistant programs in alabama

Physician assistant programs in Alabama are one of the best choices you can choose from. Knowing more details about the universities offering the PA program will help you a lot and it will guide you to the fullest.

PA Programs in Alabama

  1. University of Alabama at Birmingham: The school is not accepting MCAT but GRE. They are also requiring students to submit TOEFL test score for non-native English speakers. They belong to CASPA participating program.
  2. University of South Alabama: The school is requiring students to submit TOEFL and GRE. Take note that they are not accepting MCAT. When it comes to supplemental application fee, applicants must need to pay 110 dollars. This south Alabama physician assistant program will improve the skills of students.
  3. University of Alabama Huntsville: They have beautiful campuses and they currently ranked in top 10 Money Magazines. Becoming part of the school will help you a lot in learning all what you want. They have the passion to the enrichment of students.
  4. University of West Alabama: The school is welcoming dynamic students and they are providing courses to the enrichment of students. They will be engage to diverse talents, academic pursuits and others. They also offer numerous scholarships.
  5. Alabama A & M University: The University is reflecting uniqueness of traditional land grant with the combination of research, service, and teaching, vocational and liberal arts fields. Students can able to develop their scientific, scholastic, professional and technical competencies and skills.
  6. Auburn University: Students must need to submit all relevant materials before the deadline. If they qualify, students can begin to study in the school and meet their needs. The faculty of physician assistant program will guide students in their development.
  7. Samford University: The mission of the school is to help students to get a high quality of education. Students will be engage to set of roles that will develop their skills and abilities. When it comes to the curriculum of students, they will meet the goal of students.

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PA programs in Alabama are good sources of education that will help students. Choose the school that you want and start to submit all the requirements.

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