OHSU Physician Assistant Program

ohsu physician assistant program

ohsu physician assistant programTo become part of OHSU physician assistant program, it is essential that students will meet all the application requirements. The program was established in helping the students to achieve their dreams and to become a professional physician assistant.

OHSU Physician Assistant Program Requirements

When it comes to OHSU PA program, here are the requirements that students should submit.

  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree: Students must need to earn a bachelor’s degree that is recognized by the institution. It must be regionally accredited by the United States or equivalent to foreign institution.
  • Meet specific requirements: Students should complete all the courses required by the school
  • Submit GRE test scores: Applicants are required to have 2.8 GPA score
  • Healthcare experience

OHSU PA Program Tips

  • Consider becoming nurse aide, medical assistant or EMT: There are many physician assistant programs in Oregon out there that are requiring students to get experience to be accepted or to qualify. With that, students can choose to become a part time medical assistant, nurse aide or EMT to get the experience they need. It will give you an advantage compared to other students.
  • Apply early: Application process is really time-consuming that is why students are required to apply early. Applying early gives them a chance to increase their chance of being accepted because their application is being reviewed.
  • Exceed minimum requirements: There are many PA programs out there having different requirements. It is important that you do not stick to the set minimum requirements because it is better if you exceed the minimum requirements.
  • Pay attention to little things: Applicants must need to pay attention to little things such as transcripts, medical experience, essay and letters of recommendation. You need to spend time in writing your personal statement essay and to make sure that all grammar and spelling is correct.
  • Get letters of recommendation: You need to get letters of recommendation as early as possible. You need to communicate with professionals such as your employer, instructors and others.

ohsu pa programEverything you need to do should be done correctly and effectively. You need to make sure that you complete all requirements on the set deadline.

Stay calm, be sure in yourself and get ready in advance.

To get into OHSU physician assistant program, consider using our effective tips and tricks!

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