Physician Assistant Programs in Canada

physician assistant programs in canada

For students looking for physician assistant programs in Canada, this page will provide the best and top schools they are looking for. It is important to know the schools that are offering the best programs for students for physician assistant.

Physician Assistant Programs Canada Best List

  1. University of Manitoba: The physician assistant of the university help to educates students in order to know more about their chosen profession and to serve the community in Manitoba as well as in Canada. They are nurturing future leaders.
  2. McMaster University: Physician assistant are professionals for health care that are working with physicians. They are the one who conduct physical examinations, histories, interpret tests, treat illness, assist in surgery and diagnose. All of these will be taught by the highly qualified faculty of the university.
  3. University of Toronto: The physician assistant of the school is a full time professional degree program that is based on Department of Family and Community Medicine at the university. They are delivering collaboration also with Northern School of Medicine and offering students a clinical and academic orientation.
  4. Canadian Health Services Training Program: Students must need to meet the entrance standards. It is important to visit the website of them or to contact them to know more information.
  5. NOSM at Lakehead University: Students will work in a wide variety of health care settings that will provide them supervision. There are many scopes of the program that students will know. Students will gain competencies they need in their career when they become part of the school.
  6. Northeastern University: The University has been training physician assistant students since 1971. The good thing is that it was founded by the ARCEPA or the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for Physician Assistant as we as its predecessors. It is a good physician assistant program in Canada you can choose from.
  7. Duquesne University: To join PA programs, students must need to complete the curriculum program of the university to graduate and they have strong courses that will ensure for the academic success of students.

Learn more about physician assistant course requirements and how to meet them!

There you have the best physician assistant programs Canada to choose from. Start to choose the school that you want to enter now!

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